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Table Code Generated Files

Email Signatures, Forum Signatures, Banners, etc.

Tip: Use H tag with CSS Tricks for Text Signatures!

This HTML text n table generator will create a table with background color along with a top and/or bottom image. By being creative you can use this generator to make a signature file for email or forum posting. Other possibilities are advertising banners, business card, birthday greeting, etc to post on a message board or forum.

After you finalize your design, copy n paste the HTML code into the .htm signature file, forum, message board, etc. All the HTML code is basic and will work in a forum post as long as HTML is allowed on the forum. (Full email signature instructions for Outlook Express.)
Reminder: When saving this code in a .htm or .html file, do NOT add the head / body tags.

Fill in the form to create the HTML table code for a web page, a forum, birthday greetings banner, etc. e.g. using a birthday 'bar' image could produce a colorful greeting. BTW: The 'email info' and the 'webpage url' are a 'fixed' size=2 i.e. changing size setting will not change these two values.

Big Hint: If you are NOT able to create images (such as bar / line images) Then use Google Image Search to find an image - that you can then upload to your host (server). Also this css header generator may be more useful as a banner generator than this signature maker.

Warning: Be careful when using images - they must be small files that will not distort your banner, card or signature - AND the image width controls the 'box width'. Also the URL for the image must be pointed to a server that will allow remote links to images.

Overall Width: VIP: This resets image width i.e. input image width
Name: Reminder: Blank 'input' removes a section/line
Email: - - URL:

Text Settings: Size
BTW: The visitor must have the font face loaded (otherwise they will see their default font)
Colors - Text - - - Background
Caution: Use allowable color names from this page

URL of Top Image (include http://):
URL Bottom Image (use the htpp://):

Warning: images should be small to avoid distortion of banner.

Optional Business Card Items:
Title: Company:
Address: Address2:
City: State:
Zip: Phone:

Updated: Jul 04, 2013

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