Practice Page for HTML tags and other text effects

Various HTML generators for message board postings
Code generator for basic HTML tags for message board
Email signature generator - using HTML Table code - banner - business card maker
Code generator for glow shadow dropshadow motion blur etc CSS tricks for message board posting
Code generatore for Rainbow Text - text maker n PHP n javascript generators
Complete web site generator php css html code for 2 column n header n footer layout


General tips and HTML tags for posting on message board or forum
Tips and tags for posting Image on Forum or message board
Browser color names - using legal color names instead of RGB and hex values
Font Tag - code to copy n paste to forum
Anchor Tag - code to copy n paste to forum
Table tags - code to copy n paste to forum
Bold, underline, etc tags - for use on message board or forum
Entities - special characters such tm, etc
Secret Tips - how to find - view code
Basic HTML tags for webpage
Scanner Tips - optimizing tips for web ready images

More Tutorials - complete list of various free tutorials from host and clients

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Contact Us Form w tutorial for creating contact form that hides email from spam robots

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HTML tag n CSS Sample Code
For forum or message boards
Practice Site

This site allows visitors to: (1) Enter HTML or CSS - (2) Preview the results - (3) Copy n paste the code.

The purpose is to provide a place to practice using HTML and CSS. Then to use the code for posting on a message board or forum.

Reminder: This is HTML practice - NOT UBB practice e.g. UBB tags are NOT the same as HTML tags.

Warning: Most php boards do Not allow CSS post such as the CSS Tricks . However, ezboards, worldcrossing, etc. message boards do allow these CSS tricks.

Summary: The input form contains sample HTML code that can viewed or it can be removed - then enter 'test' HTML code or CSS (from CSS Tricks above). The output page displays the results along with the code - to copy and paste - to the forum / message board.

Replace the 'example code' with 'your code'


Updated: Jan 27, 2011

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