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General tips and HTML tags for posting on message board or forum
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Browser color names - using legal color names instead of RGB and hex values
Font Tag - code to copy n paste to forum
Anchor Tag - code to copy n paste to forum
Table tags - code to copy n paste to forum
Bold, underline, etc tags - for use on message board or forum
Entities - special characters such tm, etc
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Forum Message Board HTML Tags n Tips

New Tip - Use H tag with CSS Tricks

For a quick start use the 3 HTML generators in the menu (especially the Basic HTML Generator).

  1. Intro: This site contains HTML Tips / HTML tags for posting on a forum / message board. There is also a page with tips for posting an image on a forum.
    BTW: A HTML Practice Page is included.
  2. General Rules: You must use the < and > symbols around the HTML Tags. Most tags require a closing. The closing tags have a '/' (slash) in front of the tag keyword e.g. </font>

The HTML code generators (see menu) are for visitors that do NOT need detailed tutorials - visitors that just need to input an URL - then generate the code - to copy n paste into a forum or message board.

Font Tag

<font color="red" size="7"> test </font>

Will display :


<font color="red"> test </font>

Will display:


<font size="6"> test </font>

Will display:


Note: 7 is maximum size i.e. using a larger number will result in a size '7'.

Here are a couple of example font 'faces' that are popular:
<font size=3 face="Lucida Handwriting"> Text </font>

"Lucida Handwriting" Text Here
(Another popular face = "Comic Sans MS")

P.S. For 'face' names with more than one word, you must put " " around the 'face' name i.e. "Lucida Handwriting" or "Comic Sans MS" must be in quotes.

Note: Using a different font (face) will not 'work' unless the visitor has the font (face) loaded on their machine :(

<font size="6" color="red" face="wingdings"> J K L </font>

Will display:

Here are some wingding results:

A= A a= a 1= 1
B= B b= b 2= 2
C= C c= c 3= 3
D= D d= d 4= 4
E= E e= e 5= 5
F= F f= f 6= 6
G= G g= g 7= 7
H= H h= h 8= 8
I= I i= i 9= 9
J= J j= j 0= 0
K= K k= k -= -
L= L l= l == =
M= M m= m ~= ~
N= N n= N != !
O= O o= o @= @
P= P p= p #= #
Q= Q q= q $= $
R= R r= r %= %
S= S s= s ^= ^
T= T t= t &= &
U= U u= u *= *
V= V v= v (= (
W= W w= w )= )
X= X x= x _= _
Y= Y y= y += +
Z= Z z= z ?= ?
:= : ;= ; "= "

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Anchor (Link) Tag

<a href="URL">Screen Text Here</a>

Where URL is the address, for example:

<a href="http://www.ibdguy.com/">My Tips Page</a>

Will display and link to:

My Tips Page

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Table Example

Type (or copy and paste):

<table align="center" border="8" cellspacing="0">

<td align="center" bgcolor="yellow">
<font color="red" size="4">Happy</font>

<td align="center" bgcolor="aqua">
<font color="blue" size="4">Anniversary</font>


Will display:


Hint: 'tr' tags start and close rows while 'td' tags start and close table data cells (Column's ). e.g. <tr> <td> x </td> <td> y </td> <tr> will be two column's per row.

Note: Since some old browsers do not display the background (bgcolor) color, it is best to use a dark font for text. In other words, always use a font color that will show up on white / light colored backgrounds.

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Secret Trick

Biggest tip (secret) for HTML:
Anything you see someone do with HTML can be 'picked up' i.e. you can learn HTML by stealing the code /tags. Everyone does it - Trust me :)
In MSIE browsers, you click on 'View' then on 'Source' while in Netscape browser, it's 'View' then 'Page Source'. Once you view the source, you can 'copy' and 'paste' the tags you want to use.
Short Cut Hint for Windows: you can copy by using your mouse to highlight the 'section' then holding down the Ctrl key and hitting C (Ctrl C). Next you go to place you want to paste and use Ctrl V (hold Ctrl key - hit V).

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Bold, Italic, etc

Misc. Tags

  1. To center text:
    <center> Text Here </center>
  2. For 'bold' text:
    <b> Text Here </b>
  3. For 'italic' text:
    <i> Text Here </i>
  4. For 'underline' text:
    <u> Text Here </u>
  5. For 'Strikethrough':
    <s>Text Here </s>
  6. For 'Subscript' (eg: C2H5OH ):
  7. For 'Supscript' (eg: X3 ):
    X<sup> 3</sup>
  8. To send line break (drop down to next line):
  9. To make new paragraph (same as two line breaks):

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A Few 'Entities'

A Few Entities
Note: Entities are not same as tags.
They start with a &
and end with a ;
Example - type:
0.02 &cent;
0.02 ¢ (will display)
By Name By Number Result:
&amp; &#38; &
&lt; &#60; <
&gt; &#62; >
&nbsp; &#160;   (blank space)
&cent; &#162; ¢
&euro; &#8364;
&pound; &#163; £
&copy; &#169; ©
&reg; &#174; ®
&trade; &#8482;
&plusmn; &#177; ±
&deg; &#176; °
&frac14; &#188; ¼
&frac12; &#189; ½
&frac34; &#190; ¾

Hint: Use the < and > entities to show the HTML tags inside a web page i.e. when the code in these pages displays the HTML tags it was done with the &lt; and &gt; entities

For more entities, try W3 Org html 4.01 entities

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